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At Carbon Retreat we offer bespoke educational workshops and wellbeing sessions about the mind and body, tackling stress, anxiety, weight-management, habitual cravings such as alcohol, drugs & cigarettes how to enable change without feeling punished. And all in a luxury location filled with comfort and warmth…

How we became Carbon Retreat is a story filled with obstacles that many of us have encountered in our lives. Read a little more about our story and you will find that our journeys through life are similar to yours, the only difference if any? We overcame and took control…

With our help and support, so can you…

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Weekend Retreat (Old Harlow) - 26th-28th April

Join best-selling author Chris Hill between 26th-28th April at Chantry House for this life-changing residential workshop.

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Reconnect with your inner self - Yoga Retreat

Find comfort, learn to make that inner-connection and calm your mind to live a more positive life. Join yoga instructors Bella and Nicole at Carbon Retreat for a residential for long weekend.

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Chris Hill's ‘Get Your Life Back' - Weekend Retreat (Harlow) - - TICKETS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR THIS EVENT

Join best-selling author Chris Hill between 22-24 March at Chantry House for this residential workshop. Learn the tools to manage anxiety and stress.

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Chris Hill's ‘Get Your Life Back' - Weekend Retreat (Harlow) - TICKETS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR THIS EVENT

This is a life-changing workshop where you’ll learn to finally take control of what you eat, focusing on sugar and food addiction, emotional eating, plus managing anxiety and stress.

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"Our Diamond Stories"

This weekend I had the pleasure of spending it on ‘Beat My Addictions’ workshop! With Chris Hill at Carbon Retreat…
The information and what I have learnt is mind blowing! No one really talks about their addictions or depression or their anxiety and stress – if you’re a man or a woman we all suffer the same. This course I have studied all weekend is information you can’t get from a doctor or a scientist or a therapist etc.. if you have drug, drink, nicotine, sugar, food, gambling, eating disorders or any addiction that affects your life and you want to change your life then this is the course for you!

Lauren Goodger


I hate promoting. I don’t do paid adverts. Truly had a wonderful time at Carbon Retreat getting healthy and making new friends. So much gratitude to everyone who looked after me and made me feel at home. Sometimes to move forward in life you have to retreat.

Lauren Hutton
(Made in chelsea)


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Sumptuous, luxury and warm… We are very proud of our venue. It’s a true representation of how we want our clients to feel. Take a virtual 360 tour of our venue to get a feel for the luxury and facilities we have on offer.

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