Christmas is traditionally a season of giving, such as buying presents for loved ones and coming together to cook the festive roast etc. Doing things for others, acts of kindness or goodwill help us to connect with other people and makes the “giver” feel good about themselves too.

This positive feeling helps to create a healthy soul or spirit, contributing to our overall wellbeing. And just like the mind and body, the soul also needs nurturing to remain healthy.

It’s one of the reasons many people increasingly practice mindfulness and wellbeing techniques like yoga and meditation. Spirituality was associated with God and religion but people are seeking this inner-connection and consciousness through different means.

We highlighted some of these practices in a previous feature, Improve Your Mental Wellbeing (link below). But being generous towards others remains one of the simplest ways of living spiritually and helping us to develop that inner-connection.

And the rewards for others, and self, can produce those memories that last a lifetime. Memories that leave you feeling warmth and love. Memories that remind us how beautiful life can be.

Check out the touching, award-winning Spanish commercial below for their Christmas Lottery, featuring night watchman, “Justino”. Despite working alone, his thoughtful acts of kindness and creativity help him connect with his colleagues, producing a magical outcome:


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