Andrea Whiteside

(Co-founder, Creative Director)

Home is not a place, it’s a feeling and Carbon Retreat will have so much warmth and love. I want to offer a safe haven where people can learn to overcome their anxieties and addictions, just as I once did. Born in the 60s, I lived what appeared to be the perfect married life, with lavish luxuries, exciting social engagements and travelling the world with my husband on joint business ventures. Sadly, as my children left for boarding school, the trips abroad also became less frequent and I suffered acute loneliness. I soon became a prisoner in my own home, drinking to numb the pain which soon spiralled into alcoholism. I put on a front with my family but felt broken and suffered from low self-esteem but, I kept myself together for my children’s sake. I ended up in a rehabilitation clinic after missing my son’s rugby match because I was too intoxicated to drive. It was a pivotal moment in helping me to get sober but my anxieties remained. After sadly divorcing my husband and moving back home to Lancashire, I needed a fresh start and found it working with an inspirational fashion and lifestyle brand, Peace Love World (PLW), in Miami. It was there I learnt the value of communicating to share experiences and empower each other. I was on a new journey, spreading my wings – I finally learnt to love myself. At this stage, Claire Taylor re-entered my life and introduced me to Chris Hill. An addictions expert, he taught me the power of the subconscious mind and helped me overcome my addictions, including the espressos and cigarettes. Chris Hill and PLW inspired me to want to help others. Re-kindling my friendship with Claire has ultimately led to the creation of Carbon Retreat. A wellness retreat where clients will experience and discover what I did at PLW: ‘Love is not something you look for, love is something you become’.

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