Being truly free and living the life you want takes a lot of strength and courage. You need belief in yourself, ideas of how to achieve your targets and conviction to give up on the things that are holding you back.

Making life changes sounds simple but is a lot harder to accomplish. Especially maintaining the change. For example, how do you give up alcohol but still socialise with your friends at the pub? How can you control your weight when you love eating chocolate?

We at Carbon Retreat have been on this journey and succeeded once we learnt how our minds work, and controls our actions and behaviours. We love life because we do what makes us happy and can better manage the pressures of everyday living.

We want to help you too to find inner-peace and realise you have the power to make the life changes you want. And, not feel like you’re missing out on anything.

Chris Hill, best-selling author, helped us understand how our mind works and how it affects our daily routines. He taught us how to give up our bad habits and excessive, damaging behaviours. We’ve partnered with Chris to offer you the exclusive opportunity to take control of your life.

Every month, Chris is holding his ‘Get Your Life Back’ weekend retreat in luxury, peace and comfort of Chantry House. This intimate setting allows for personal chats with Chris and the rest of the Carbon team. Also, you’ll have the support of people sharing the experience.

If you’re struggling to give up smoking or drinking, or having trouble controlling your weight, you’ll learn about your mind and how it affects your behaviour. This simple yet effective technique allows you to make any change you want and helps you to manage stress and anxiety. It allows you to make the positive life changes you seek.

Chantry House is a loving and warm environment ideal for getting away from it all and discovering yourself. A place where you’ll feel liberated and can learn invaluable tools that will forever nurture your mind, body and soul.

Claire & Andrea

Join us at our next retreat with Chris Hill 'Beat My Addictions' (No.1 Selling Author - Amazon) for a weekend of learning and taking control of your anxiety and stress. The first step to 'a better you'.

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