Chris Hill

(Founder, Beat my addictions)

Chris Hill is an addiction expert and best-selling author of Get Your Life Back: The Road to Freedom from Addiction. Chris helps people overcome all types of substance addiction such as to nicotine, alcohol, drugs and sugar, as well as to addictive activities such as gambling, over-spending and over-eating. His programme is also being used for mental health and wellbeing i.e. to manage or eradicate obsessive compulsive behaviour, phobias and other fear-based conditions, eating disorders and anxiety and stress. Chris had his own battles with addiction spanning 20 years of his life. He first became addicted to nicotine at the age of seven, progressing to alcohol and drugs later in life. He attended dozens of recovery programmes, experienced many forms of treatment and medications to stop his addictions but found none of them effective. He then set off on a mission to educate himself about how addictive substances affect the subconscious mind and the body and from that, beat his own addictions and used his experience to develop a method to reverse addiction; and has been free of all addictions for over eleven years.

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