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Our minds are indeed extremely powerful and complex. It’s said that the average human being has over 70,000 thoughts daily, manifesting themselves in our actions, behaviours and emotions. While we obviously can’t always affect our surroundings, it’s clear that our perceptions of events will greatly influence how we react to them, and the eventual outcome.

A healthy mind is proven to lead to a healthier body, mind and lifestyle in general. Being happy and at peace normally leads to a more positive outlook and success. Here are a few reasons why it’s worth investing time in yourself to improve your mental wellbeing:

1- Mind and Body are Linked
We all experience the link between our body and mind, both consciously and subconsciously. Some people practice techniques such as yoga and meditation to nurture this connection. All of us feel the connection inadvertently, for example, when drooling over a delicious cake or butterflies in the stomach before an exam.

2 - The Brain is a Decoder
You see something, listen, touch, smell or taste food and drink. While we use our eyes, ears, nose and other parts of our body to perform these actions, it’s actually our brain that deciphers all the information the body’s receiving. It then makes sense of it all, and guides our response based on the mental map we have of the world, formed from our experiences.

3 - The Mind as a Super Processor
The brain never switches off, even when we’re asleep. With over 100 billion neurons (nerve cells), the mind never stops functioning and processing information. Whether trying to control stress levels or dreaming deeply, the brain works away 24/7.

4 - Thoughts Affect our Health
This is obvious, and the impact can be massive. Our state of mind will affect our mental and physical wellbeing and not dealing with negative thoughts can lead to illness, for example, headaches and insomnia. On the other hand, a positive mindset tends to nurture good health and it’s proven it helps boost the body’s immune system.

5 - Mind Control
The brain is a muscle and like other muscles, can be trained to develop and perform better. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’ and the same applies to the brain. Being around happy people and listening to uplifting music normally makes us more positive as a person. This is why so many people practice mindfulness therapies, aiming to understand then control the mind where possible.


We’re hosting the Urban Spirituality Detox & Transformational Wellness Weekend Retreat, in partnership with Prash K and celebrity Alex Reid. Unlock the secrets to your mind, learn to focus on what matters and how to achieve your goals. Come and join us on the 27th of March.

Chris Hill also returns to Chantry House this month on the 20th with his Get Your Life Back Weekend Residential. This 10-day programme will help you learn how to control your mind, and your action. Relax, unwind and learn the tools to make the life-changes you desire.



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