‘Gambling has brought our family together. We had to move to a smaller house.’ Tommy Cooper

Gambling is an activity many people enjoy. From casinos, online websites, scratchcards, slot-machines etc, it’s mostly harmless fun but, compulsive gambling can be harmful. It can damage your health and relationships and leave you in debt.

Do you think you’re a problem gambler? Here’s a list of questions, compiled by the NHS, you can ask yourself:

- Do you bet more than you can afford to lose?
- Do you need to gamble with larger amounts of money to maintain the same feeling?
- Do you try to win back money you lose (chasing losses)?
- Do you borrow money or sell things to be able to gamble?
- Does your gambling cause you any health problems, including feelings of stress or anxiety?
- Do other people criticise your betting or tell you that you have a gambling problem (regardless of whether or not you believe it’s true)?
- Does your gambling cause any financial problems for you or your household?
- Have you ever felt guilty about the way you gamble or what happens when you do?

If you’re answering yes to most of the above questions, you may have a gambling problem. You’re not alone though and it’s sometimes referred to as a “hidden illness”. There's evidence it can be successfully treated in the same way as other compulsive, negative behaviours.

There are also some self-help tips you can consider if you’re a problem gambler:

- Pay important bills, such as your mortgage, on payday before you start gambling.
- Spend more time with family and friends who don't gamble.
- Deal with your debts, try not ignoring them.

- See gambling as a way to make money, try seeing it as entertainment instead.
- Bottle up your worries about your gambling, talk to someone, family member, friend or professional.
- Take credit cards with you when you go gambling.

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