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'1 in 6 people every week experience a common mental health problem according to APMS (2014) with anxiety and depression being one of the most common problems.'

How do mental health problems affect people?

Mental health problems range from the worries we all experience as part of everyday life to serious long-term conditions.

Between one and two in every 100 people experience severe mental illness, such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, and have periods when they lose touch with reality. Symptoms such as anxiety and depression can be severe and long-lasting and have a big impact on people’s ability to get on with everyday life and those affected may hear voices, see things no one else sees, hold unusual or irrational beliefs, feel unrealistically powerful, or read particular meanings into everyday events.

Although certain symptoms are common in specific mental health problems, no two people behave in exactly the same way when they are unwell.

Many people who live with a mental health problem or are developing one, typically keep their feelings hidden because they are afraid of other people’s reactions. And many people feel troubled without having a diagnosed, or diagnosable, mental health problem - although that doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling to cope with daily life.

Most people who experience mental health problems can get over them or learn to live with them, especially if they seek and receive help. Awareness and encouraging those around us to talk without any stigma are key to the ongoing solution.

This week has seen the spotlight shone on the nation's mental health, with organisations launching awareness campaigns such as Public Health England’s ‘Every Mind Matters’ and West Essex ‘Time to change’ campaign which focuses on employers pledging their organisations to a 12-month employer action plan.

Carbon Retreats co-founder Claire Taylor attended the 'time to change' event (10th October 2019 - World Mental Health Day) to show our support for their campaign in getting local employers to ensure their staff and managers have mental health awareness and access to help if required.

‘Let’s all make a difference together’


If you are a local business, join 'time to change west Essex' and help them look after your most precious asset, your employees.


At Carbon Retreat, we provide an ever-growing number of retreats, offering you mindfulness and wellness therapies. We seek experts in their fields so you have access to some of the best possible support and guidance. Whether you’re trying to make a life-change, improve your health or simply unwind, we provide the luxury and comfort you need to make it happen.

Check out our upcoming workshops on the Carbon Retreat website, including detailed information on each one and how to book.



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