“Retreat” means to move away from someone or something. It’s what we offer at Carbon Retreat, a place where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Somewhere to recharge your mind, body and soul through a variety of fun and insightful wellness and mindfulness therapies.

Retreats are a great concept and a popular getaway for a lot of people. But, the realities of life mean many others choose to spend their time and money elsewhere. And yet, if it’s fitness, relaxation and a health boost you need, a wellness or mindfulness retreat could be a perfect destination. These five benefits highlight why:

1. Long-Term Benefits
You can learn practical techniques to boost your mental and physical health. For example, meditation and yoga teach tools you can practice quite easily by yourself. From improving your body posture to calming yourself when under pressure, you can discover a number of techniques you can use in a variety of places during your daily routine.

2. Improve Your Wellbeing
For many people, healing an illness involves taking prescribed medication but, we all know prevention is better than cure. Wellness retreats normally highlight the benefits of exercise, healthy eating, relaxation and so on. You’ll learn activities proven to nurture good mental and physical health.

Retreats also tend to take place in quiet, secluded places, often surrounded by mother nature. They take you away from the noise and quick pace of city living, encouraging you to relax and unwind.

3. Reconnect With Yourself
You’re the only person who truly knows and understands how you feel and think. As we go through life with different identities, such as a parent, spouse, employee etc, we’re often living in the moment and doing what’s necessary. A retreat gives you the time away from all your responsibilities to assess your behaviours and actions.

Take stock of your life, discover what you do well and your own shortcomings. Learn to grow personally and how to live the life you want.

4. Meet Kindred Spirits
Everyone around you at a retreat is there for similar reasons. It’s a great way to make new friendships with people on the same journey. Sharing in the experience means they’re well placed to support you in reaching your targets.

Retreats also encourage a loving and caring environment. Added to your new found friends, you’ll be ideally placed if you’re trying to make a life change!

5. Professional Guidance
You’ll mostly find experts and specialists running spiritual and therapy workshops. They’re able to provide you with proper guidance and support, whether you’re looking to improve your wellbeing or simply relax and re-energise. You’ll realise very quickly you’re not alone in trying to achieve your new goals.

At Carbon Retreat, we provide an ever-growing number of retreats, offering you mindfulness and wellness therapies. We seek experts in their fields so you have access to some of the best possible support and guidance. Whether you’re trying to make a life-change, improve your health or simply unwind, we provide the luxury and comfort you need to make it happen.

Check out our upcoming workshops on the Carbon Retreat website, including detailed information on each one and how to book.





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