‘It should be normal to be yourself’.

This simple statement reflects perfectly why many businesses and organisations are taking part in National Inclusion Week. Organised by Inclusive Employers, it’s an annual week of events, running from 23rd - 29th September, highlighting the practices employers use to ensure everyone can be themselves in the workplace.

The theme for National Inclusion Week this year is #everydayinclusion. Basically, this scheme looks to include everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, social background and so on.

It’s about giving everyone a voice and increased confidence. It’s providing a safe and secure work environment where you can overcome your challenges and be the best you can be. It’s respecting individuality.

Many big organisations take part in this initiative, including government departments, universities, the Royal Mail and the Football Association. During this week, they’ll take part in many activities, such as employer webinars and presentations, highlighting the progress and success of this scheme.

Royal Mail's Inclusion Week video

Practicing inclusion, diversity and equality is important in the workplace to help remove some of the bias that exists, subconscious and otherwise. Giving everyone an equal opportunity to reach your full potential should be a key objective of every workplace.

It makes business sense - different people bring diverse skills, experiences and ideas that can be of benefit. As long as you feel empowered and included, you’ll be able to flourish and perform at your best.

You’re also more likely to be happy when feeling valued. The opposite can be damaging, causing conflict and ill-health leading to a negative work environment. For both the person and the business, an inclusive culture in an organisation can nurture more productivity and positivity.

You can check out Inclusive Employers’ calendar of events on their website.


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