New Year’s Eve is traditionally a time for parties, fun and laughter. People really look forward to the night’s event where they say goodbye to the old year and look forward to the new one ahead. It’s very often a night of excess, followed by renewed hope and energy for the possibilities that lie ahead.

And this is where the New Year’s resolution comes in, that promise some of us make to ourselves. The will to give up on a bad habit or to start a new regime that we know will be beneficial. However, it’s often easier said than done.

For example, starting a new exercise routine, and sticking to it, during the cold, dark winter months of January and February takes a lot of dedication. Similarly, if you’re trying to give up smoking, alcohol or sugar, you might need help and support so you don’t go back to your old habit.

At Carbon Retreat, we endeavour to help people who want to begin that journey to a positive life-change. We host a wide variety of wellbeing workshops in the luxury and comfort of Chantry House. The peace and seclusion of our Old Harlow location is proving a perfect getaway and ideal for immersing into our retreats.

We are constantly developing new partnerships, as well as nurturing the ones we already have, to ensure you can find the wellness and mindfulness therapy you require. Our workshops are carefully selected to help people develop and maintain a healthy body, mind and/or spirit.

We also provide a digital service through this website and our social media platforms which can help people develop a positive outlook. Our Facebook and Instagram pages include inspirational memes, graphics and clips for example.

The News section of our website has a weekly feature article covering the subject of wellbeing too. This is probably as good a time as any to highlight three of them, specifically chosen as they’re so often part of people's New Year’s resolutions:

Prescription Drugs

Managing Your Sugar Intake

NHS Tips to Stop Smoking

Whatever you’re planning for tonight, or your intentions for the upcoming year, we wish everyone a happy and healthy mind, body and soul.


Don’t forget to visit our Wellbeing section for a list of our upcoming retreats.



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