There are so many things people do to improve their physical health.Visiting the gym or jogging and changing diets are common practices people adopt for better health. Decades of education campaigns mean most of us know how to nurture a healthy body.

But, what do people do to nurture a healthy mind? What exercises or activities do people use for good mental wellbeing? Mental health awareness is currently a hot topic because clearly better education is needed.

Struggling to cope with mental illness will affect our health and can impact our personal life and work. It can have devastating and tragic consequences.

There were over 6,500 suicide deaths recorded in 2018, the first increase since 2000. Three-quarters of those were men, with the highest recorded number for both genders among the 45 to 49 years age groups.

(Every Mind Matters advert, featuring Prince William.)

Just like the body, the mind also needs constant nurturing to remain healthy. The fact the issue is now openly and widely discussed is in some ways the biggest development in mental health awareness. People increasingly acknowledge the importance of talking through issues.

People are also more likely to get help and support to improve their mental health. It makes sense. There’s a wealth of support, information and tools we use when nurturing our body, so why shouldn’t we do the same for a healthy mind?

After all, no one is immune to feelings of stress and anxiety. No person breezes through life without facing some difficulties. Everyone at some point encounters situations which will impact their mental wellbeing.

The better we cope with these incidents, the less damaging it is to our health. That’s why it’s vital to seek help if needed. Illness affects the mind just like it does the body and admitting to a problem and seeking help often provides a cure.


Mindfulness therapy is an important part of what we provide at Carbon Retreat. Chantry House is a luxurious, spacious and secluded venue that’s ideal for getting away from daily life and immersing yourself into one of our workshops. They’re carefully selected to provide you with the tools and information you need to help improve your mental health - visit our Wellbeing section for details of our upcoming retreats.


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