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At Carbon Retreat we offer bespoke educational workshops and wellbeing sessions about the mind and body, tackling stress, anxiety, weight-management, habitual cravings such as alcohol, drugs & cigarettes how to enable change without feeling punished. And all in a luxury location filled with comfort and warmth…

How we became Carbon Retreat is a story filled with obstacles that many of us have encountered in our lives. Read a little more about our story and you will find that our journeys through life are similar to yours, the only difference if any? We overcame and took control…

With our help and support, so can you…

Our Mission

Carbon Retreat is a wellness retreat, a safe haven which offers you an atmosphere full of love and warmth. It’s not a place but, a feeling, somewhere you can relax and feel free to be yourself.

Owners, and friends, Claire Taylor and Andrea Whiteside, have created a home from home, a comfortable and luxurious environment where you can learn to overcome your anxieties and addictions, a place to reconnect with your mind, body and soul.

Carbon Retreat is the wellness home where you take back control of your life and learn to love yourself. The place where we’ll help you discover and experience: Love is not something you look for, love is something you become.

Claire Taylor

(Co-founder, Operations Director)

I'm 52 years young and loving life! It's an on-going journey but, after successfully overcoming addictions, personal loss, obsessive behaviour and weight issues, I feel totally free.

I'm a divorcee with two children, aged 25 and 21 years. I married young but suffered years of unhappiness partly due to problems with my weight, leading to confidence issues. Money was no object so I over-ate and over-spent to feel better, known by friends and family as the life and soul of th..

Andrea Whiteside

(Co-founder, Creative Director)

Home is not a place, it’s a feeling and Carbon Retreat will have so much warmth and love. I want to offer a safe haven where people can learn to overcome their anxieties and addictions, just as I once did. Born in the 60s, I lived what appeared to be the perfect married life, with lavish luxuries, exciting social engagements and travelling the world with my husband on joint business ventures. Sadly, as my children left for boarding school, the trips abroad also became less frequen..

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"Our Diamond Stories"

This weekend I had the pleasure of spending it on ‘Beat My Addictions’ workshop! With Chris Hill at Carbon Retreat…
The information and what I have learnt is mind blowing! No one really talks about their addictions or depression or their anxiety and stress – if you’re a man or a woman we all suffer the same. This course I have studied all weekend is information you can’t get from a doctor or a scientist or a therapist etc.. if you have drug, drink, nicotine, sugar, food, gambling, eating disorders or any addiction that affects your life and you want to change your life then this is the course for you!

Lauren Goodger


I hate promoting. I don’t do paid adverts. Truly had a wonderful time at Carbon Retreat getting healthy and making new friends. So much gratitude to everyone who looked after me and made me feel at home. Sometimes to move forward in life you have to retreat.

Lauren Hutton
(Made in chelsea)


Wow! What a fantastic experience! Had an amazing time in a beautiful setting. The house and hospitality from Claire was so welcoming, along with the yummy food.



Had such a good time. Made me realise what a normal family life is like. Thankyou for the food, it was 10/10! Loved Yoga too.

Tony L


Very comfortable place, makes you feel right at home. It is the place you need to get away and focus on yourself.

Ben W


A life-changing weekend in a super setting! Thanks to all. X



Thank you Claire! Eye Opening couple of days. I have learned a lot whilst enjoying good company and great food!



What a fantastic time we all had! Its been a very interesting weekend, with so many great positives to take back with me. Fantastic food. Chris and Claire are special. xx



Couldn’t ask for a better hostess. The house is out of this world and the food was amazing. Would recommend this to anyone. Thanks Claire for everything. xxx



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