At Carbon Retreat, we have recently been shedding light on mental health, the triggers and looking at solutions to manage and overcome what is a life-changing condition. In this article, we want to show some support for the men in our communities and to do this we have teamed up with Unity Growth to provide 30 days of support in tackling mental health education and support.

Men do not deal with emotional and mental distress in the same way as women and the symptoms do not present themselves in the same way, so often stress and depression are missed in men until they reach crisis point.

By becoming aware of these signs and symptoms we will be able to spot them in our loved ones and offer support. By men becoming more aware of how depression might be showing up for them, they can do something about it.

So how do you spot the signs? Click Here to ‘Find Out More’ and get 30 days of FREE support from Unity Growth for the Men in our lives


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