Sugar is present in so many of our most-loved foods, drinks and snacks; chocolates, sweets, ice-cream, even ready-made meals and processed foods. They are not just part of our daily diet, they’re even consumed as rewards or for comfort. Eating too much sugar can become a problem though, with government research showing it can lead to obesity, tooth decay and type-2 diabetes.

If you’re someone wanting to control your sugar intake, these tips will hopefully make it easier for you:

- It can be hard avoiding snacks loaded with sugar, especially when you’re in a hurry. If there’s no time to cook, or you’re on the move, why not swap biscuits for some nuts or sliced cucumber and low-fat dip, as an example?

- Be aware of the alternative names food manufacturers use instead of sugar. For example, glucose, fructose and syrup all represent the same product. Read the labels to find out how much sugar each product contains.

- The last government report on the subject recommended an adult should have no more than 30g of sugars (roughly equivalent to 7 sugar cubes) each day. This equals around 5% of the energy (calories) you get from daily diet.

- If you’re cutting back on sugar, choose carbohydrates high in fibre and nutrients to keep your energy levels up. It also makes for a healthier diet! For example, replace white pasta with the wholewheat version or swap your fizzy drink for mineral water, with a squeeze of lemon.

- You might be someone who eats too much sugary foods through habit, when you’re watching TV maybe? If it’s become a behavioural problem, then find something else to occupy this time. Maybe regular exercise or activity, or even doing the crossword?

- For lots of people, the best way is to slowly reduce your sugar intake. Cut down on the amount of sugar you add to your hot drink or, simply reduce the amount you drink. Rather than take a whole packet of biscuits, put a few in a plate instead.

While most of us like sugar in our food and drink, it’s clear we have to control the amount we consume for a healthier lifestyle. Like most things in life, it’s fine in moderation but not to be abused!


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