At Carbon Retreat, we promote mindfulness therapy including a variety of workshops and retreats we host with our growing number of partners. Our aim is simple - provide high quality programs to help people develop and nurture good mental health.

There have already been several national campaigns this year. Prince William joined forces with the Football Association for the Heads Up campaign. It aims to harness the power of football to generate “the biggest conversation ever” about male mental health.

Men typically have trouble expressing their feelings and anxieties, too often failing to deal with issues they face. Getting them to recognise it’s not weak to talk helps to shed light on mental health. Helping men to spot the triggers and looking at solutions can help to manage and overcome what is a life-changing condition.

We have teamed up with Unity Growth to show some support for the men in our communities. We’re providing 30 days of support in tackling mental health education and support.

Men do not deal with emotional and mental distress in the same way as women and the symptoms do not present themselves in the same way, so often stress and depression are missed in men until they reach crisis point.

By becoming aware of these signs and symptoms we will be able to spot them in our loved ones and offer support. By men becoming more aware of how depression might be showing up for them, they can do something about it.

So how do you spot the signs? Click Here to ‘Find Out More’ and get 30 days of FREE support from Unity Growth for the Men in our lives

Another of our upcoming partnerships, with MIND, offers support and advice to the whole community. The mental health charity has over 60 years of providing help and advice to people suffering from mental health issues. These workshops will help provide access to information and advice suitable for the workplace and your personal life.

Taking place in the warmth, comfort and luxury of Chantry House, these programs are available as half, one or two-day options. You’ll learn to recognise the symptoms of mental ill-health and where to go for advice and help. You’ll learn skills allowing you to help others too.

Join us from March this year to learn:

> Mental Health and First Aid Training, or
> Managing Stress at Work and in Your Life.

Full details of these MIND courses are on our Wellbeing section. Don’t forget to visit our News section too where you can discover several feature articles about Mental Health, with many coinciding with the topics covered in this year’s national campaigns.



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